Warranty conditions

Intertrade OÜ used car warranty conditions All cars sold to the customer from the Intertrade OÜ used car showroom are covered by the three-month Intertrade OÜ warranty for hidden defects and defects starting from the date of delivery. The warranty of Intertrade OÜ is valid for cars up to seven years old and less than 200,000 km at the time of sale. After an error or defect is discovered, the car dealer must be notified immediately and a time must be agreed for the inspection of the car at the repair shop of an authorized representative of Intertrade OÜ. The guarantee of Intertrade OÜ is valid only in the Republic of Estonia.

The warranty covers:
Repair or replacement of parts found to be defective. The work covered by the Intertrade OÜ warranty must be performed in the repair shop of an authorized representative of Intertrade OÜ. If the warranty claim is satisfied, the defective parts will become the property of Intertrade OÜ. Replacement or repair of spare parts does not extend the warranty of the vehicle or the warranty of the replaced parts. The car is considered to be technically in order if it passes the requirements of the state technical inspection point.
The warranty does not cover:
1. Cases where
• poor quality fuel (including non-compliant biofuel) or additives are used as fuel additives that cause fuel system failures;
• the vehicle is used as a rental, taxi or patrol car;
• Indirect costs (car rental, hotel, etc.) have been incurred as a result of the warranty case;
• the vehicle is used for competitions or racing;
• repairs and repairs have been performed in a repair shop not authorized by Intertrade OÜ.
2. Regular inspection and maintenance. The warranty does not cover maintenance consumables, parts due to natural wear and tear, cleaning and adjustment work. The following details are considered consumables:
• filters (including FAP diesel particulate filter), batteries, liquids, spark plugs, auxiliary belts, wipers,
• light bulbs, brake pads, brake discs and drums,
• shock absorbers,
• Clutch disc, basket and thrust bearing
• wheel bearings, steering ends and all ball joints,
• seat covers, steering wheel, adjusters, latches for various parts of the car (seats, compartments, doors, hatches, bonnet), gear lever knob and various interior upholstery.
3. Cases of misuse, error and negligence. Consequences of fitting spare parts not approved by the vehicle manufacturer. Consequences of repairs, modifications or other work carried out by vehicles not approved by the vehicle manufacturer (including refrigeration, gas, electrical and electronic equipment, isothermal modifications, etc.)
4. Damage caused by natural forces or traffic accidents.
5. Commission sales of cars.
6. Cars that are covered by the insurance.