Commission sales

We accept vehicles for sale. Commission fee:

4% of total price on the field (but not less than 240 €)


We offer pre-sale preparation for an additional fee. We take photos of your vehicle and enter the sale advertisement on the websites of and Intertrade OÜ.
We store and look after the vehicle at Tähe 110 in Tartu at our sales point.

In order for your car to be sold faster and you getting a fair price, it is recommended to prepare the car before selling it. We offer the following services for vehicles for sale:

paint and interior maintenance;
bodywork and painting;
chassis diagnostics and repair;
locksmith and car electrical work.

If the customer decides to take the vehicle off of the sale, the fee for compiling an advertisements must be paid 45€, the fee for the Auto24 portal 30€ for the current month and the storage fee 1€ per day.