Vehicle exchange is simple, no hidden magic.

The service provider OÜ Intertrade, hereinafter OÜ sells, buys and exchanges new and little-used vehicles. The customer can sell their existing vehicle in an exchange transaction or leave it for commission sale to OÜ.
If the price offered by OÜ for the customer’s vehicle satisfies the customer, you can buy a new car immediately by paying a down payment or by arranging financing. In order to find the best financial service, OÜ makes its own offer from a partner among credit institutions or the customer seeks financing himself.
In the exchange process, a variant is possible in which the OÜ pays the customer for the old car, which is enough to make a lease or hire-purchase payment. If the expected sales price for the car is higher, the old car will remain in commission sales to OÜ and later, after the car is sold, a set-off will be made for the down payment of the new vehicle purchased from OÜ.
After the sale of the customer’s old car, a commission fee of 4% of the sales price is calculated for OÜ.